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Math Advisory Examination (MAE) Information and Dates

The Academic Resource Center administers a placement and diagnostic test in Math to help students assess their readiness for university-level work. Results from the placement and diagnostic test are used to place students at the appropriate level in a particular course sequence.


How do I register for these placement examinations?
Please read through some of the information contained in the website:
All Reservations should be made online.  The Academic Resource Center does not make reservations for the exam over the phone. Students will receive a confirmation to the email that was provided on the form.  
What is the cost for the placement examination?
The Math Advisory Exam administered at the UCR campus cost $20 during the months of May or June. The cost of the exam is $40 at all other locations and at other times.
For questions regarding registration for Math and Chemistry, please contact the Academic Resource Center's information desk in the Surge Building, 1st Floor at (951) 827-3721 or e-mail us.

Reminder: Students must report in a 1/2 hour early & bring a photo ID. Bring two (#2) pencils and a black-ink pen.

There are only 3 things that will exempt a student from having to take the Mathematics Advisory Exam:

          1)  A score of 3 or above on either Calculus AB or Calculus BC Advanced
                Placement (AP) exam.

          2)  A passing IB exam score.

          3) Completion of a UC transferable course at the pre-calculus level or higher with 
               a grade of "C-" or better taken at another college or university before the student 
               enters UCR.

Students who meet one of the above criteria are exempt from the examination. There are no other exemptions from the math placement examination.

Chemistry Placement Exam Exemptions

There are several ways in which a student can enroll in Chemistry 1A:

        1) Eligibility to enroll in Calculus at UC Riverside (Math 9A) either by passing the
            math placement exam or passing Calculus AB or BC exam with a 3 or higher.
         2) Pass the Chemistry AP Exam with a 3 or higher
         3) Having taken Math 5 with a grade of C- or better

Parking permits are required.

Follow the signs reading "Placement Exams" to the parking attendants who will provide you with a complimentary parking permit and direct you to your parking area and testing rooms. Please note that attendants are available with complimentary permits one hour prior to and up to the time that the test begins. Those arriving before the attendant will need to purchase a parking permit from a permit kiosk to avoid being ticketed.

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